Q: Do your suits come with padding?

A: All of our tops come lined with pockets sewn in the top and one set of removable thick pads.  You can remove the pads if they are not needed.

Q: None of your sale suits come in an A cup, only a B cup. I need an A cup. Can you make one?

A: If you are an A cup you want our B cup top. It works very well for small chested girls. An additional layer of padding can be added for enhancement. Our B+ also works well for small chested girls. You may just need to add an extra layer of padding or some poly fill behind the thick pad that comes with the suit to fill it out a touch more for a natural enhanced look.

Q: Why did my suit come with safety pins?

A: Figure suit back straps will always come with safety pins if you are not a local client we are able to fit in person. There is no way for us to make an informed guess at where these straps should be sewn in place. If they are stitched too tight they can dig into your sides or back and if they are too loose they can drape. An improper fit length on the straps can also cause your cups to not fit properly on the top or cause the back bottoms to pull too high. It is best that you determine where these should be placed upon receiving your suit and either stitch and trim them yourself or take them to a local seamstress.

Q: How do I know what suit bottoms/coverage are best for my show?

A: Please see our size guide for more details on the coverage of each suit bottom. It is your responsibility to know the rules and guidelines for the organization you are competing in. We are familiar with many of the organizations and will guide you but ultimately the responsibility is yours.


We offer four levels of coverage for bikinis with  XXSmall (pro cut - best for someone that has conditioned glutes or a smaller frame), XSmall and Small being the most common. Moderate coverage is best for lifestyle transformation or any competition where a more moderate coverage is required.


There are three cuts available for figure - XXSmall (pro cut - best for someone with conditioned glutes or a smaller frame), XSmall and Small.


Further customizations can be made for custom ordered suits but rentals follow these general cuts unless otherwise noted in the description of the suit.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: At this time we do not. 

Q: What is your return policy? I decided not to compete.

A: All sales are final. No refunds or returns as the business is closing.

Q: Do you offer team, group or pro discounts?

A: No. We do not offer team, group or pro discounts.