DO NOT spray tan while wearing your suit. It is very difficult to remove the tanner when it is directly sprayed on the suit and may potentially ruin your suit.


DO NOT practice posing in your suit. Suits are very expensive and the stonework is delicate. The more they are worn the faster they show signs of wear.

DO NOT use 3M adhesive to glue yourself into your suit. This is nearly impossible to remove the adhesive from the suit. Use a water soluble adhesive such as Bikini Bite or It Stays Body Adhesive. You can also use double sided tape as an alternative. Carpet tape actually works great (for real!). Gently remove it before washing. You can buy this at any hardware store.

DO NOT dry clean your suit. It will ruin the stone work and the fabric.

DO NOT soak the suit. This will loosen and ruin the stonework.



DO wash your suit as soon as possible after your show. This will ensure the tan does not set in the suit. If you are not able to wash your suit right away you may rinse it as soon as possible after your show (the night of). Rinse it under cool water until the water runs clear then hang it to dry. Do not wring it out with a towel. Connectors are very fragile and this can break them.

As soon as you are able to wash your suit wash it in a gentle detergent such as Woolite or Dreft. Use a soft brush and gently brush the inside of the suit to remove any remaining tan. DO NOT scrub. DO NOT soak the suit. This will loosen and ruin the stonework.


Gently blot excess water from your suit and allow it to hang dry.

DO store your suit when completely dry in a CupCase suit protector to protect the stone work and any connectors. If you do not have one you may order one here.