Custom Suit Orders

Agreement of Sale: Once you submit your order form we will contact you within 48 hours to collect your deposit. Your order is not reserved on our production schedule until the deposit is received. Due to the custom nature of our suits all sales are final. No exceptions.

Deposit: Once your order is placed a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the purchase price is required to secure your place on my schedule. This deposit can be placed on your account as a credit however it must be used within 18 months of your cancellation or it will be forfeited. Deposits cannot be transferred.

Suit Fittings: If suit samples are mailed out to you for fitting purposes a return shipping label will be included at no cost to you. Please understand that there are other clients waiting for samples for their fitting and they need to be cleaned, sanitized and turned back around to the next client. All samples are to be returned within 48 hours of receipt. If not returned within this timeframe you will be charged $50 per piece, ie $50 ea top, $50 ea bottom.

Cancellations: I reserve time and materials according to your order. As a result a cancellation fee of 50% of the purchase price will be charged as a restocking fee provided the cancellation notification is received no less than 4 weeks prior to the expected ship date of your suit. If the cancellation notice is received after that date a credit will be placed on file to be used for a future custom suit or rental. This credit must be used within 18 months of your cancellation or it will be forfeited. Credits may not be transferred.

Show date changes: Notification must be received no later than 4 weeks of any changes in your show date. This does not guarantee that I will be able to work with your changed date however I will do my best to accommodate the change if my schedule permits.

Shipping: All orders must be paid in full prior to shipment.

Rental Suit Orders

Once you submit your rental order form we will contact you within 24 hours to collect your rental fees. Rentals are first come first serve. If we are not able to reach you or collect your rental fees your rental request will not be reserved. All rental fees plus a $12.00 shipping fee (if applicable) must be paid via credit card.  All rentals require a credit card on file for insurance, late fees, and lost/damaged suits. We will only charge your credit card if either of these situations occur:

  • All suits are subject to a one-time $50 cleaning fee if returned unclean. Cleaning instructions will be provided with the rental suit and may also be found here.

  • If damage/repair is present, not to exceed the full replacement cost of the suit. If the suit is returned damaged beyond repair meaning ripped, stained badly with tanner and/or oil and/or glue (a few stones missing is not damaged beyond repair) – You will be charged the remaining amount for the full purchase of the suit.

  • Rentals are shipped with double stick adhesive tape placed in the bottom and additional pieces are provided to be used as needed. This is the only adhesive permitted for suits. If the suit is returned with glue it will be considered damaged. If it is unable to be removed from the suit the full replacement charge will be charged.

  • The suit is not returned. The amount charged will be the purchase price of the suit.

  • Late return fees. See details below.*    


Your rental suit is not for posing practice! To preserve the suits excellent condition they are only to be used for your show and not practicing.

Rentals are only for the person who rents the suit. No transfers please.

Your suit will be shipped out 10 days before your show or can be picked up 4 days prior to your show and must be returned no later than 7 days after your show date. *There is a $20 per day late fee applied to those suits that are returned after the 7 days.

Your rental fee may be applied to the purchase of your rental suit if you would like to purchase it. Please understand this is a rental suit and it may be reserved for another client/renter to rent after you. If we are unable to accommodate that renter with a substitute suit you will need to return the suit for MaVita Designs to fulfill the rental obligation. Rental fees are only for the suit you rented and cannot be applied to any other suit for purchase.

If you would like to keep the suit for an additional week to use in another show, you must submit an extension fee of 50% of the original rental price before your suit return date has expired. Extensions are only valid for a show the immediate following week of your original show date. Suits that are never returned will be charged the full retail price listed for purchase. Rental extension fees cannot be applied to the purchase of the rental suit.

If for some reason the suit does not fit, you must contact MaVita Designs within 48 hours of receiving it so we can exchange for another suit, if one is available.


If you decide not to compete I must have at least one weeks notice prior to the ship or pick up date, not the show date. Failure to do so results in loss of rental fees. Rentals are NON REFUNDABLE. With proper notice you may apply the rental fee towards the rental of a future suit.                                                                                                         

Rentals are only available to US residents at this time. We ship all our rentals through the postal service. If you prefer a different carrier you will be charged for the shipping service.

Any outstanding balances or fees resulting from damage to the rental suit, late returns or non-return will be turned over for collection. We offer these rentals so every competitor can step on stage in the suit of their dreams at an affordable cost. Please don't ruin this opportunity for others by not following the rental terms.


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